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Our years of proven, hands-on experience leading, designing and improving organisations as senior leaders, coaches and practitioners separates us from the crowd. 

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Value Driven Organisational Change

Project to Product

Late, over-budget projects?
Agile not lived up to the promise?

Speak to us about how to fix that.

Agile Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your Product-Led organisation with our customized Value Stream solutions.
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Scaled Scrum & Beyond

We are the ONLY company in the UK certified in both how to coach organisations to use the LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) framework.

Certified Large Scale Scrum

Our interactiuve and engaging Certified LeSS training courses are some of the best in the world.
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Creating Agile Leaders & Coaches

Through world class training, mentoring and coaching we take you and your peers through the journey to excellence.

Leadership in an Agile Era

Take your training skills to a more advanced level as you discover how the human brain really learns.
Leadership Training
Our Mission

Help leadership and management to define their organisational goals

Our goal is to partner with organisations, specifically their leadership & management to help define their organisational goals and skilfully use agile, lean and modern management practices to accelerate their progress towards them. We do this in a way that creates visible and demonstrable ownership and excellence within the organisation. 

Agile Training Courses

Our facilitation & storytelling expertise create a highly interactive and coaching-based approaches to adult education. 

These approaches allow everyone to understand the “Why” of each topic and how to apply new concepts in their context.

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