About Sheev

We are a boutique consultancy who specialise in organisational design and change whether it be with small groups and start-ups to 1000’s of people.

Our goal is to partner with organisations, specifically their leadership & management to help define their organisational goals and skillfully use agile, lean and modern management practices to accelerate their progress towards them.

We do this in a way that that creates visible and demonstrable ownership and excellence within the organisation.

Ben Maynard, Product Agility, Agile and LeSS Expert

Sheev Founder – Ben Maynard

Since 2009 Ben, has been passionate about organisational culture and design that enables the creation of value both for an organisation’s customers and its’s people I always want to know are we building the right Product and are we building it in the right way.

In recent years he has experimented with ways to balance an organisations desire for control, collaboration and innovation through educating, coaching and leading organisational transformations to get more with Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).

The catalyst to all of this has been his obsessional focus on the growth of people at all levels of an organisation so that they can be effective and successful in achieving the organisations and their own personal goals.

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