Out accelerators are designed to act as a catalyst in a number of key areas

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Organisational Agility

This one day workshop is all about you, your organisation’s goals and creating a strategy to tie together the right pieces of agile with your organisational context to increase your chances of success and the speed it will take you to get it.

Sheev Ltd

Executive & Leadership Teams

A high performing executive or leadership team makes all the difference. Through coaching, facilitation and advice giving, this accelerator resets and renews enabling behaviours that accelerate an organisations progression to its goal

Sheev Ltd


This package has been crafted to help your teams realise their full potential whether in an agile environment or not. We build or revisit and harden the foundations that make real, high performing teams.

Sheev Ltd

Get Sprinting

Teams formed, Definition of Done set, this package is built from experience to maximise your chances of being successful quickly

Are you just getting started with Agile & Scrum? Creating firm foundations from the start can help relieve a lot of the pain that comes with any significant organisational change.

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