Can agile help?

Many people and organisation’s turn to agile to help them achieve their goals, some organisations even choose agile as the goal (not a recommended approach)

When gauging an organisations current state for suitability of starting or increasing their agile efforts we have found that there are certain enablers and questions that can prove effective in learning more about the organisation.

The Five Enablers

Leadership & Management

Success doing or being agile depends upon a specific type of environment to be created and the mindset and behaviours of leadership and management are critical to this.

We ask questions here to help us understand where the focus of management and leadership is currently, what needs to be maintain and what needs to be amplified

Within this section there are a mixture of leading and lagging questions exploring the tone, policies and processes that contribute/help create and agile environment.

Organisational Structure & Culture

For anything agile to be experimented with and accepted by many requires a culture of experimentation and learning where people freely contribute for their own and the companies good.

We ask questions here to help us understand is the organisation structure (for example roles, reporting lines, policies and process) setup in such a way that enables the right type of behaviours and creates the freedom for safe to fail experimentation and learning.

People & Teams

The heart and soul of an organisation (agile of not) are the people and teams within it. In an agile environment you want happy, engaged, conscientious & customer-centric teams.

The questions we ask here are to understand the progress already made and where there is opportunity for increased empowerment and customer focus.


Many organisations realise that delivery via projects is wasteful and inefficient for them opting instead for a Product focused and aligned organisation with less bureaucratic overhead

We ask questions here that help us understand the level to which you already have a Product focus (from customer idea to final delivery)

Technology & Development Mindset

Software that is safe to change and releasable on demand take a lot of work to create and maintain.

The questions asked here are to help us understand a little bit more of what life is like for those making the changes to the software. Please note that only those affirming they are involved in the act of understanding, creating, testing or fixing software are asked to answer these questions.