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ICAgile Certified Team Coach

Certified ICAgile Agile Team Coach

Gain the skills you need to be an effective coach and mentor, and help nurture agility in your business.

Great coaches bring the best out of their teams and help them achieve their true potential.

Great coaches are crucial to the success of any digital transformation.

And great coaches are in high demand in most businesses that want to be agile and human-centred.

A key part of this training focuses on developing professional coaching skills, which you will be able to apply to the teams you coach and the team members you mentor.

We will introduce tools and frameworks to help you on your coaching journey.

This course will be deeply experiential, and you’ll be immersed in hands-on coaching exercises to reinforce the theories behind coaching.  We will apply the concept of ‘real play’, not ‘role play’.

The ICP-ACC course is one of two knowledge-based certifications on the ICAgile Agile Coaching track.  The certification focuses primarily on the coaching mindset and the roles and responsibilities of an Agile Coach.