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Certified LeSS Basics

This course is designed to give you the foundational knowledge of how to use Scrum with more than one team and not loose any of Scrum’s power

How it Works

The Certified LeSS Basics® course is a highly interactive course covering the LeSS principles, framework and rules. It provides foundation information for choosing whether to use LeSS in your organisation using various thinking tools.

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Products & Scrum

How do you shift your organisations to have a Whole Product Focus and be entirely Customer-Centric? This course focuses on this and provides you with tried and tested guidance, practices and stories for how to begin, accelerate or unblock your efforts to embrace a Product based view.

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Why choose LeSS?

We explore where LeSS is useful and where it is not

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LeSS Principles & Framework

The LeSS Principles and framework are explored and challenged


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“This course provides a great overview of LeSS and gives an opportunity to explore the principles behind it through the many group exercises. Ben brings it all to life with his real-world experience, insightful discussions with the group and humorous approach.”

Mark Gravestock, Previous Attendee