Become a Master Agile Coach

The Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle provides a space to explore and grow with insight into agile coaching practices and techniques  with experienced mentors and facilitators, regardless of where you are on your agile journey.

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How are Mentoring Circles run?

Mentoring circles are engaging communities of like-minded, progress-obsessed individuals sharing, challenging and exploring together in a safe space.

Each mentoring circle is led and supervised by an agile coach with over a decade of experience and a passion for helping people succeed. 

Some are themed based on the cohort’s priorities, and others are authentic explorations into the depths and periphery of agile coaching. Both are fun, challenging and supportive in equal measure.

If you want to learn from peers and seasoned experts whilst being pushed to your learning edge, then this is what you need.

Is This For Me?

So you have been on an Agile Coaching training course and have been educated, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

And then reality bites, and you realise that whilst you have gained some excellent knowledge, there are other gaps to bridge:

  • The environment you are in doesn’t seem to embrace the agile principles and values
  • The people you are there to help aren’t getting on board. In short, they are not motivated.
  • You are coaching, facilitating and mentoring others, but you feel your skills are not supercharged enough to make the impact you want

These common hurdles are difficult to overcome. The expertise to overcome them comes from years of practice and failure OR having a proven Agile Coach, Trainer and Mentor giving you and people just like you the opportunity to learn from lived experience.

Join our Mentoring Circle to grow with others in regular facilitated discussions based on your context and needs.

Meet Your Mentor

Passionate about organisational culture and design that enables the creation of value both for an organisation’s customers and its people, I want to know we are building the right product and building it in the right way.

In recent years I have experimented with ways to balance an organisation’s desire for control, collaboration and innovation through educating, coaching and leading organisational transformations to get more with LeSS.

The growth of people to be effective in achieving the organisations and their personal goals is the critical catalyst for this. As is coaching, training and mentoring people at all levels of the organisation.

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Ben Maynard

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Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle Prices


Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle
£ 80
for 1 month
  • 1 x 90-minute expert group mentoring session
  • Runs on the last Thursday of each month at 12 pm GMT
  • Guarenteed to accelerate your agile coaching expertise
  • 1 month commitment
  • Access to a private Mentoring circle Slack Channel


Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle
£ 200 for 3 months
  • 3 x 90-minute expert group mentoring sessions 1 per month
  • Runs on the last Thursday of each month at 12 pm GMT
  • Guaranteed to accelerate your agile coaching expertise
  • 3 months commitment at a discounted rate
  • 25% off all Sheev training courses
  • Access to a private Mentoring circle Slack Channel
  • Skills Matter Premium Membership (worth £120 per year!)

What is Agile Coaching?

The ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) course deepens your knowledge and experience of the world of agile coaching.

Based on the Agile Coaching Competency Framework, this course covers three of the main competencies required to be an Agile Coach – Coaching, Mentoring and Teaching.


ACi Coach Competency Framework - X WIng
The Agile Coach Competency Framework
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What does the facilitator do in mentoring circles?

Sometimes called ‘Circle Leaders’, the facilitator arranges all of the administration associated with a successful mentoring circle – setting up meetings, agenda building with the group, opening and closing sessions, registration and payments administration.

As a result, the mentees have more time to focus on their goals for participating in the mentoring circle.

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What do mentees do in a mentoring circle?

The best mentoring circles work when the mentees in the group have similar interests, experiences or common goals. We often find that mentoring circles are filled with mentees at the same stage in their career, at similar steps in their agile learning journey or with similar aspirations.

Mentees should commit to the duration of the mentoring circle and be prepared to bring their whole selves to the sessions as we actively discuss contextual topics for each mentoring circle.

We have created the LeSS mentoring circle to connect like-minded people to discuss all things related to the Large-Scale Scrum framework and its actual implementation.

What is the difference between mentoring and a mentoring circle?

The most common type of mentoring you may have seen is the one-on-one professional mentoring relationship between two people.

This pairing consists of an experienced mentor and a mentee less experienced in a particular domain. The relationship is in service of the mentee and focused on guiding with experience and keeping the mentee accountable for their own goals.

But mentoring can be different for different people, and there are many ways that mentoring can be valuable.

One of these is group mentoring. A small group regularly discusses specific topics related to their professional development or domain of interest. The setup can vary dependent on the needs of the group and usually consists of one mentor and multiple mentees or multiple mentors and mentees.

Another type is mentoring circles. A mentoring circle has many similarities with group mentoring. However, the critical difference between group mentoring and mentoring circles is that circle mentorship requires an additional facilitator, a mentor, and a group of mentees.

Mentoring circles are a professional network where people of varying experiences and needs get involved.

The one-to-one relationship changes to group participation and can be more impactful as all members engage in the discussions, sharing their context and learning from each other.

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What else do you need to know?

Mentoring circles are for people who have shared interests and would like to explore their growth alongside experienced mentors.

  • Develop an agile coaching mindset to serve agile teams best.
  • Assess agile team development and boost high performance.
  • Develop and practise a collaborative and flexible set of coaching tools – listening and questioning to empower your teams.
  • Understand when coaching, mentoring, facilitation or training will serve the agile team best.
  • Be comfortable maintaining a solid presence whilst supporting the team ‘from the sidelines’.
  • Coach teams to identify, probe and explore issues collaboratively.
  • Mentor teams at free choice so they retain ownership and accountability.
  • Coach, mentor and facilitate teams through change.
  • Facilitate role transitions within the agile framework.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence and articulate neutral observations to serve the team.
  • Overcome resistance whilst keeping people onside.
  • Creating coaching alliances and coaching contracts.

There are no rigid prerequisites for attending mentoring circles.

Package 1

  • £80 per month
  • 1 x 90-minute group mentoring/supervision session
  • Includes guest appearances from other Agile Coaches

Package 2

  • £200 for three months
  • 1 x 90-minute group mentoring/supervision session
  • Includes guest appearances from other Agile Coaches
  • 25% off all Sheev training courses
  • Access to a private Mentoring circle Slack Channel
  • Skills Matter Premium Membership (worth £120 per year!)

What are the timings?

  • Runs on the first Thursday of each month at 6 pm GMT

What Dates Are Available?

Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle
Gold Ticket

1 month for £90 £80 + VAT
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Agile Coaching Mentoring Circle
Platinum Ticket

3 months for £357 £200 + VAT
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Corporate Education
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