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What Is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)?

What is LeSS – LeSS Matters Podcast

Scrum is built on the value proposition of achieving twice the work in half the time.

So what does Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) look like and how can it help you achieve the same benefits that made Scrum so popular with engineering environments?

In this video and podcast, I walk you through how Large Scale Scrum works and why it’s such a valuable framework for building products and services that truly delight customers.

What is Large-Scale Scrum and Large-Scale Scrum Huge, otherwise known as LeSS Huge?

LeSS and LeSS Huge are frameworks.

They’re approaches to enable psychological safety, conversations within organisations, collaboration, and cooperation.

They are approaches to enable development teams, small or large, to really

understand the customer, to focus on the needs and the problems that are to be solved and generate an empathetic understanding for exactly what the customer or user is going to need.

This isn’t an approach that likes to put layers and people and roles in

between the developers, the people on the teams, and the users and customers.

This goes to the very essence of what made agility fantastic all those years ago and looks to simplify and descale an organisation.

Now it is often said when people ask, “What is LeSS?”

People will say it’s a descaling framework and I think that’s a bit confusing.

I think it’s much easier to say that it’s a way to remove the organisational waste, the bureaucracy, the gradual evolution of building up we have of all the old management principles and ideas, which when we were small, when we were a team or two, didn’t really affect us that much.

We were happy.

We worked closely together.

We understood the domain.

We were motivated by our work.

But as we grow, this gets lost and LeSS is a way to get back to that.

So, when we say descaling, it means fewer roles.

It means fewer process.

Think of LeSS as something which is relatively incomplete.

It is enough for many organisations just to focus on the LeSS framework.

And the gaps that it leaves, that’s for you to think about and for you to fit in based upon your context and your situational learning.

LeSS will not tell you what to do in many, many situations, but it gives you the framework of empirical process control.

It gives you a hard and fast focus on your product and your customer and allows your teams to untap the potential that they’ve had all along.

And for me, that’s what LeSS is.

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