What is an Agile Team Coach? What is an Agile Team Coach? It may surprise people to learn that my perspective on what an Agile Team Coach is, is very

Projects to Products. Why?

In the agile world, we love products, and the general perception is that we dislike projects. So, why is that? Why would an organisation want

Scrum Day India Webinar

The Leaders New Relationships Leaders are going to need to cultivate and build new kinds of relationships in the coming years if their organisations are

Role of Manager in LeSS

s. In an ideal world, a company would make the transition to #agile and we would all embrace flat structures and embody the roles as

Who is responsible for Planning in LeSS

Critics of #agile frameworks and methodologies are under the assumption that planning isn’t a very important element of #productdevelopment for #scrum and #LeSS (large scale

How LeSS Works

Scrum is built on the value proposition of achieving twice the work in half the time. So what does Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) look like

What are the difficulties when scaling Scrum Scrum emerged from brilliant people doing brilliant work, their light bulb moment? Traditional waterfall-style project management could no longer serve the complex and ambiguous

Product Owner, Servant Leader?

When I first started learning about Scrum I recall there being a lot of conversation and focus on the Scrum Master as a servant leader.