Remote Pre-Course Information

Congratulations! You are attending a Sheev Remote Course!

Are there any prerequisites?
Before attending the training, it is important that you have a thorough understanding of one-team Scrum. Ideally, you will be a  Certified ScrumMaster® with real-world experience. Feel free to read the  Scrum Guide if you would like a refresh of the topic.

Please complete the  LeSS test using the email address you will use for the certification if possible. It would be great if you could also read through the  RBS LeSS Case Study.

Miro is a fantastic interactive whiteboard that we will be using for many of the activities during the course. You should have already received instructions on how to access Miro. If you missed them, then please create an account at,  click  here  and when prompted for a password please enter ” morewithLeSS ” , grab a post-it (virtual one of course) and add a note with your name, your agile experience and what you would like to get out of the course.

What do I need for the training?

In order for us to collaborate remotely, we will be using a couple of tools…
(-) Computer or laptop – We recommend that you use a device with a good size screen and a physical keyboard. Using a phone or tablet of less than 10inch screen size will impede your ability to efficiently collaborate with your fellow course participants
(-) Zoom  – please make sure it works on your device prior to the start of the training
(-)Miro – Please create an account prior to the training and follow the Instructions from the prerequisites section above
(-) Reliable internet connection
(-) A nice bright room (if possible) to help everyone see you
(-) Pen and paper

Preparing everything ahead of the training helps to ensure a smooth experience on the day. In order to maintain engagement, we recommend using video at all times.

What should I wear?
We will be using video so please dress as you would like to be seen.

Remote Working Agreement

Parking Lot
Any questions that come to you please wait for a good opportunity to ask them (that could be as soon as you have thought about!). If the question can wait to be answered or the trainer feels that to fully answer the question it will take too much time, we will have a “Parking Lot” where these questions can be placed. The “Parking Lot” will be a specific space set aside on our Miro board that anyone can access at any time to add, edit or remove questions.

We will go through the questions in the parking lot as we go, ensuring all questions are answered by the end of the training. 

Rabbit Holes & Side Alleys
As with any training or facilitation, there is always a very good probability that, at times, some conversations may go for longer (down the rabbit hole) than the time we have allows for, or go off on a tangent (down a side alley). When this happens we need to let each other know, the mechanism for doing this we will agree on day one. The more fun and light-hearted the better! 

Image Captures and Recordings
Requests from participants or the trainer take to any screenshots of Zoom, shared material or recordings can be made but only serviced if everyone is in agreement. 

With remote training and facilitation, the need to take breaks, to stretch and generally get away from the screen is increased. So within each 2.5 Hour session, we will have at least 3 breaks. If anyone would like extra then feel free to ask by following this rule… 

Letting People Know You Want to Speak
If you would like to speak we have numerous ways in which this can be done:
Just do it (not recommended unless there is sufficient opportunity to do so)
(-) Physically raise your hand
(-) Virtually raise your hand (using the “Raise Hand” feature in Zoom)
(-) Jump up and down
(-) Hold a small cuddly toy or another object up to the camera
(-) Essentially anything that can get the trainers attention without using your voice.  

It is also important for the trainer to be clear about how they will acknowledge the request so that people know they have been noticed.

Just how we do this we, as a group, will decide upon in our first session.

If you have any special requirements or assistance needs, please do let us know at  so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.
If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at