With the number of start-ups steadily increasing over the last decade fears of a bubble are increasing within the start-up community.Now more than ever young companies need to find ways to out manoeuvre to “out change” their competition.
We know that being big was once a predictor to success, but not any more the challenge facing start-ups now is how to increase your capacity and delivery capability whilst at the same time being just the right size and carrying little waste.

Sheev wants to help. With our years of experience working in large organisations we have seen first hand the traps and pitfalls organisations fall into, we also know how to avoid them. You know and we know that the companies of the future will continue to succeed by building a new paradigm for businesses and we want to help you on that journey.

Whether is how to structure your organisations, how to grow capability, which agile framework (if any) you want to consider, how do you fund or structure HR policies Sheev is here to help you avoid making the same mistakes of those that have come before.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to talk about our special packages and rates for small and growing businesses