Our Agile Training Courses

We use our facilitation & storytelling expertise to create a highly interactive and coaching-based approaches to adult education. These approaches allow everyone  to understand  the “Why” of each topic and how to apply new concepts in their context.

Agile Projects Management

Expert Led Remote Training

Agile Team Coach

Expert Led Remote Training

Agile Team Facilitator

Expert Led Remote Training

Our Training Packages

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Ben Maynard, LeSS Trainer teaching a Certified LeSS Training course in person.

We specialise in accelerated learning

Our Approach to Teaching

All of our training courses are built around the latest research into adult learning. Our goal is to not simply “tell you” the facts but to give you new tools to apply in your context so that you learn and not simply remember 

Corporate Education
Private Training Courses

Sheev specialises in in-house training. We love this type of training as we can gain a better understanding of your context and adapt the courses as they progress based upon your needs.
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Our other most popular courses
Agile For Managers and Leaders

This course leaves a lot of the process to one side and focuses deeply and with intent on having leaders and managers set themselves up for their personal coaching journey by learning about and experiencing through exercises and play what they key mindset shifts are.

Agile Awareness

Achieving an nimble and adaptable organisation requires a foundation knowledge in agile and lean delivered by people that have been there and done it. At Sheev we are not only professional trainers we are practitioners to.

Training From the Back of the Room

Take your training skills to a more advanced level as you discover how the human brain really learns. Anyone who coaches, trains, teaches, facilitates or presents will benefit from attending this invaluable two day “game-changing” train-the-trainer course