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The course will be Monday 10th – Friday 14th June, 2024 and will run from 9.30 am – 3.00 pm (UK) daily.

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10th - 14th June 2024

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21st - 25th October 2024

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13th - 17th January 2025

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ICAgile Team Coach Certification

This course gives all of its attendees the knowledge required to become an effective, transformational agile team coach as well as a safe environment to put this new knowledge into practice.

After this course, you will have the flexibility at your fingertips to take professional individual and team coaching skills and use them in an agile coaching context. Not only this but we also pass on the knowledge and skills to successfully teach and mentor teams to help them increase their performance.

It’s no mean feat to enact value driven, humanistic, organisational change. Partnering with people so they feel real ownership creates a human-centred approach that benefits all stakeholders – employees, companies and clients.

With our ICAgile Certified Team Coach (ICP-ACC) training course, you can become that memorable person who makes a difference. 

Not only can you enable teams to be stronger together, and become great problem-solvers and robust tacticians, but you’ll bring the best out in both groups and individuals.

An agile coach does this not just by passing on information but by mentoring people to gain vital skills for their personal and professional success.

You can learn all about agile coaching during the ICAgile Certified Team Coach (ICP-ACC) training.

During the training, you’ll work with practical and transformational frameworks that support your evolving coaching journey.

Without a doubt, this course deep dives into real situations that empower you with constructive coaching theory and hands-on learning.

It’s good to know that two certifications are available on the ICAgile Agile Coaching pathway, the ICP-ACC and the ICP-ATF. The agile coach certification enables you to develop your coaching mindset and become an expert at all aspects of agile coaching.

Lean into insightful innovation mastery by acquiring key technical, developmental and strategic skills to guide individual, team and organisational evolution.

The ICAgile Team Coaching Certification (ICP-ACC)  introduces participants to foundational team coaching skills and team development concepts for starting and growing teams while focusing on teams and organisations as human systems. 

Meet Your Trainer

My journey towards becoming a Product Agility expert began with the standard Scrum Alliance courses based on the teachings of Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber. I worked as a team member in Scrum Teams and believed I had reached the end of my Scrum journey. However, when I attempted an Agile Project Management course, it turned out to be a forgettable learning experience.

Feeling disheartened by the agile world, I was recommended a book called “Scaling Agile and Lean Development” by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde, which helped me forget Agile Project Management and fully embrace Product Agility.

Since then, I have focused on experimenting with ways to balance an organisation’s desire for control, collaboration, and innovation to untap the true potential of Product Agility. This has involved educating, coaching, and leading organisational transformations to move from traditional technology organisations with broken supply and demand models to organisations that move beyond this ineffective model towards the intersection of Product Management and Agility – Product Agility. 

The growth of people to be effective in achieving organisational and personal goals is the critical catalyst for success. Coaching, training, and mentoring people at all levels of the organisation are key components of this approach.

As the host of the Product Agility Podcast, I get to learn from industry experts from both the worlds of Product and Agile. All of this learning I love to share all with my audience and factor it into every engagement, talk and article I write or contribute towards.

Ben Maynard, Product Agility, Agile and LeSS Expert

Ben Maynard

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What is Agile Coaching?

The ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) course deepens your knowledge and experience of the world of agile coaching.

Based on the Agile Coaching Competency Framework, this course covers three of the main competencies required to be an Agile Coach – Coaching, Mentoring and Teaching.


ACi Coach Competency Framework - X WIng
The Agile Coach Competency Framework

What do Agile Coaches say about our training course?

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What Else Do You Need To Know?

This course is for Agile Coaches or aspiring coaches with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching in service of Agile teams.

This agile training course is intermediate level and may not be suitable for people new to Agile practices. We recommend that attendees have completed formal Agile training and have at least 6 months of experience working in an Agile team. If you need to learn more about Agile practices, we recommend the Agile Fundamentals course as a lead-in.

Other relevant roles include:

  • Project and Program Professionals who aspire to the position of Agile Coach.
  • Experienced Scrum Masters, Agile Project/Program Managers, or Iteration Managers who want a more comprehensive understanding of the complete range of business and Agile coaching skills.
  • Agile coaches who want to enhance and improve their professional skills as Agilists and experienced coaches.
  • Coaches who wish to increase the ability to break through seemingly insurmountable problems with their teams.
  • Agile managers, Product Owners, and others wishing to access a broader range of skills in working with teams.
  • Skilled coaches who wish to polish their skills and learn a few new tricks and techniques.
  • Functional managers or Scrum Masters have some Agile coaching experience, but Agile seems like it is not working for your teams.
  • Anyone who is trying to become a Certified Scrum Coach or ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching.
  • Someone coaching or mentoring Agile teams, but you seem to be caught in a rut or just going through the motions and not making progress.

After this engaging remote training, you will be able to differentiate between and among mentoring, facilitating, professional coaching and teaching. You will also gain the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team.

  • Define Agile coaching and the competencies and practices associated with being a coach.
  • Develop ethical and professional coaching standards and agreements and how to apply them in your coaching engagements with teams and organisations.
  • Develop “your style” of coaching, facilitating, mentoring, and teaching
  • Become a true servant leader, putting the needs of others first to facilitate the development of high-performance teams.
  • Adopt Agile Coach thinking – the mindset shift necessary to help you and others, focus on team improvement, value-driven delivery, and leveraging constraints while living in the present moment, staying curious, innovative, and having fun.
  • Establish mutual trust within your organisation.
  • Develop an agile coaching mindset to serve agile teams best.
  • Assess agile team development and boost high performance.
  • Develop and practise a collaborative and flexible set of coaching tools – listening and questioning to empower your teams.
  • Understand when coaching, mentoring, facilitation or training will serve the agile team best.
  • Be comfortable maintaining a solid presence whilst supporting the team ‘from the sidelines’.
  • Coach teams to identify, probe and explore issues collaboratively.
  • Mentor teams at free choice so they retain ownership and accountability.
  • Coach, mentor and facilitate teams through change.
  • Facilitate role transitions within the agile framework.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence and articulate neutral observations to serve the team.
  • Overcome resistance whilst keeping people onside.
  • Creating coaching alliances and coaching contracts.

There are no rigid prerequisites for attending this training. However, as this is an intermediate-level course for practitioners, delegates should have 6 months of agile experience. Dedicated coaching experience is not required. Instead, we will build upon the knowledge you already have working with agile teams.

Total attendance and participation are mandatory. The trainer will formally assess delegates to meet the certification criteria throughout the course. Upon successful completion, you will receive the ICAgile ICP-ACC certification.

Although it is not a formal prerequisite, we have found that this training is best for attendees after they have completed an agile foundation course (such as Scrum Foundations, Agile Fundamentals or Certified Scrum Masters or Professional Scrum Master).

  • Engaging and interactive live online training with world-class collaboration tools Miro and Zoom
  • Training from seasoned Agile Coaches with over a decade of experience each
  • Learn how to coach agile teams with different stances
  • All training and reference materials​
  • Facilitated with world-class collaboration tools Miro and Zoom
  • ICAgile Certified Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC) certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile

What are the timings?

Over five days, this interactive online course runs from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm (UK). We allow for regular breaks throughout each day. Please note that each course date’s start and finish times refer to the GMT zone.

Do I need a camera?

We recommend that each student have a camera available throughout every session to provide the best interactive experience.

Is online training an excellent way to learn?

To overcome the challenges currently associated with attending in-person training, we have adapted the delivery of this course into a live online training format with an added focus on how to work using agile with remote team members. Utilising live video and online collaboration tools, we can replicate the interactive nature of our face-to-face training within a virtual environment. Individuals can undertake this training from their home or any other remote location.

How should you prepare for this course?

Pre-work is provided ahead of the course via email and the student workbook.

What about certification?

Attendance of the course and engagement with each of the learning objectives will enable you to get the ICAgile Certified Agile Team Coach (ICP-ACC) certificate. The course is assessed by the instructor(s). You must complete a basic 10-minute coaching conversation to complete the course; however, the instructors will work with you until this is possible. Please note: You will only receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Coaching Certification (ACC) when the pre-work, four modules, and post-work have been completed.

What software do I need?

As this is an online course, you will need a computer with a camera and a headset. You will also need to install the Zoom client. We highly recommend you use a personal laptop to comply with company security policies and ensure you can access everything you need during the course.

Is there an exam?

Although there is no official ICAgile exam, ICAgile allows their course accreditors to determine appropriate means for retention of the learning outcomes. Depending on your provider, there may be some type of assessment in order to earn certification. For example, we assess participation, activity and understanding conveyed via exercises and discussion, withholding certificates when appropriate.

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